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We are in the process of re-designing our website and we apologize if that causes any pages to load wrong, or not at all (of course, if this page doesn't load we're in real trouble, because you won't be able to read our apology).

We are hoping to have the new site up and running in October of 2014, but just like in the saying "the cobbler's children have no shoes", the web designer has an old website.

Computer Service

If you're looking for friendly, reliable service and technicians who will explain things in a way you can understand instead of in "techno-babble", you've come to the right place.

At Disky Chick's we can help you with repairs, upgrades, installations, virus and spyware removal, and just general cleanup of your PC.

Web Design

We offer full web design services. From helping you with your graphics, to the design and layout of your site, to making your website talk to your database, Disky Chick's can help you with it all. Technology/software used:

We also do WordPress website and blog design.

BrightSign Digital Signage


We offer training in BrightSign digital signage unit configuration, as well as in the free BrightAuthor software used to create presentations.

Content Creation

We design presentations for your BrightSign from basic to fully interactive. Click here to view our flyer.


We offer instruction to those who are new to technology and need a little help. Maybe you just want to know a few, specific things, and don't want to go to weeks of classes. Click here to view our flyer.

Please call us at (204) 254-BEST (2378) for more information.